Wearing My Art

good vibrations in a colourful world

Encouraging spirit with colour empowers positive clear energy.

first-scarf-promo2I dip my brush to a palette of sapphires, lapis, purple and harmonize with my meditative side. Colours of starry sky, coastal visions and my inner landscape. I immerse in wonder and introspection. My newest painting “Island Reflections” also translates onto wearable art. A Silk charmeuse scarf to wrap oneself in enchantment. 

islandreflectionssmall“Island Reflections” also available as a limited edition wall art visually imbues surroundings in wondrous feeling. I charge my paintings with hues scented in prayer and dream thoughts of possibility. 

A portion of “Bellissimo” with oranges, pinks, soft grey and lemon, I surround myself in its warming energy, it’s heat of scarves-1dynamic passion. Continue reading


France Originals – Gallery Showing April 2, 3, 4

Click to see show paintings IMG_6350

Painting in France to an art show on Salt Spring Island

“Spring in France is a wayside blossoming. The southwest a burst of viridian green meadows feed ample cows and sheep that dot this fairytale landscape. Squares of land sing as dandelions carpet landscape. Plum, cherry, pear in quick succession welcome bees as farmers prepare market gardens, help birth lambs and and put the newest foals out to pasture.IMG_5142 Every curb is array with a graduation of colour. Daffodils, tulips, irises, while colour climbs and softens stone walls drape cracks of crumbled age, now afresh with delicate wisteria. Hanging clouds of mauve foam lazily trail over trellises as we devour our lunch quiche washed down with the lightest of wines from the region. Continue reading

Inspired Journeys Interview

What is Inspired Journeys art show?
A. Inspired Journeys is a collection of my paintings assembled for my shows this Fall, that inspire an uplifting view of our world.

What motivated you to paint these?
A. My inspiration was my motivation. The majesty of our British Columbia landscape. The sweetness of snug hamlets in a French countryside. The serene presence of an Indian women gracefully caring her load of sticks on her head. It is the feeling, the energy that I get that stirs a profound love for our world. Being in a place of gratitude is the root of this.

Do you always paint from this place of inspiration?

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Art Lovers Getaway Magazine launched

When one fulfills their dream, it gives permission for those close to be their best too. This incremental effect is possibly the answer to world peace! It is the ultimate “pay it forward” blessing. Being authentic is the gift we have been each given. Actualization, the setting in motion, creates a ripple effect, an energy that is felt in one, then another and very quickly spreads like the hundredth monkey….let me tell you a true passion story…..and let’s spread this belief that we are each capable of fulfilling our dreams, our authenticness… JUST DO IT!

Duart, my life partner, began to fulfill his dream of creating a magazine to celebrate the Arts on Salt Spring Island. For the past several months he consulted with some “pros” on web design and then mustered the confidence to begin. With no money, a borrowed video camera and shear belief in his idea he designed a mock up web site. Then created a list of who he wanted to video. He talked of hardly anything else. This idea was truly being born!

Listening to his plans I leaped to the opportunity of being the “interviewer”, he agreed to try me out. WOW I am having so much fun! His dream became infectious. Now with 12 video interviews his second publication just issued, the excitement is really being felt by the artists and creative people being interviewed and also the viewers, of which we’re getting a lot! have a view, we’re having so much fun meeting the talent and sharing their story….  www.artloversgetaway.com

…are you inspired?