Mexico Musings

IMG_9745I am just home on our island from a delicious retreat in San Miguel Allende and Mexico City. Experiencing the flavour of Mexico while also having quiet time to deepen into my musings through the vehicle of dream and intentional journey gifts me an expanded view of a world beyond ‘the news reality’ projected through media. IMG_9698I subscribe to a belief that we make our reality beautiful through our intentional thought. It is a practice that takes detachment from the day to day obligations and news channels. I have meditations, chants and music/sound that all help to carry me to this shift.


IMG_9477Being in Mexico has given me daily opportunity to connect and practice with shop keepers, taxi drivers, vendors and people on the street where English is not a given.IMG_9611 I practice my very limited Spanish but mostly I see each person I inter-act with through the eyes of my heart. This expands the connection that brings awareness for the beauty of each individual even for brief minutes. Every night I would go to bed with the fullest of heart deeply grateful for the smiles, touches, acknowledgments I received. IMG_9417Using intentional presence was the best IMG_9493experience I have had for years!
IMG_9743This afternoon while I sit by the fire with Lucy my grand dog I am still warmed by many experiences I had. With the fullest of my heart to you I send….
Warmest wishes this season of grey and cold in our northern climate. Blessings of good friends and family, abundance of peaceful harmony in all your interactions. May full unfoldment of your creative desires lift your spirit for the happiness of all.

Enjoy some photos from Mexican journal….  for more see my Facebook and Instagram

A WestCoast Life My Way

Ruckle SheepA life on a Canadian west coast island becomes a reality in early 1990.

Photos, sketched house plans and maps spread across our farmhouse table in a remote hamlet of Provence, France. We are dreaming of building our home on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.
Our dream unfolds…..and, for almost thirty years we shape our island lives by deep desire to live fully our way.
Creative pursuit in every area of life becomes a deep questing commitment. The sacrifice is financial security.P1070215
When did this purposefulness arise? What catalyst allowed it to blossom?Ecole Beaumont
I trace back early remembrances dreaming of my love for our world, dancing, singing, expressing my thrill of nature and it’s landscape, people and diverse culture. I saw myself literally hugging our world.
It is the hands on, carving out, touching, holding, creating that is the thrill. We give our best to Continue reading


Feb2018- - 1

I ponder this world filled with opposing opposites.
What seemed true is now false and vice versa. I can sometimes feel powerlessness to the degradation to our beautiful earth. I have also noticed a plethora of media events or products pop into my inbox, all tailored to my interests. It seems coincidental, even synchronized. I worry my privacy is an illusion.
Manifestation is directly linked to the yearning in ones soul. If one “intends” using right thinking, manifestation results.
Our media technology is using similar principals, our searches are ‘planting’ our deepest thoughts seemingly ‘synchronized’ in front of our noses. My research reFeb2018- - 30veals artificial intelligence is so intricately woven into the fabric of everyone’s life that some believe a computer knows ‘you’ more than you know yourself! Continue reading

Lost and Found

By an escape artist
Floatsom and Jetsom, my life balances between glimps of calm abiding and wonders of the world. In awe of just about everything, easily distracted with curious founds, lost treasures…happily I surrender into wonder of the uniqueness in each moment.YSwDpYuTRheAaEWXdSafTg_thumb_10976
Why just today I captured a moment while reading a note from my gallery. Lost in the magic of connection, my mind scans the events that brought together a prize!
So much gratitude for the people in my life I rub shoulders with, perhaps to get the fairy dust on me too! IMG_7154This spiral of life right this moment glitters with a finery clearing my vision quest, bifocal merge to view my escape artist world. Continue reading

Too Blessed To Be Stressed, my mantra…..

Celebrating over twenty five years.IMG_8316

Reflecting on a lifetime of meeting wonderful people from all over the world who shared their lives, enthusiasm and generosity with us,IMG_9119 IMG_8424Duart and I often pinch ourselves on our good fortune to have created a life sharing my dream of visual interpretation for the beauty of our world.img_6213 It allowed us the travel, expression of painting and writing that colours my work.BlogFeb - 1Magnetic North small

I thank you all for your support, goodwill and continued interest in my inspired journeys.

Our lives interconnect, mesh with each of us fulfilling our own soul yearning. I truely believe this is all we are to do while inhabiting the awesome, magical earth. We are “all one” in that sense, breathing, living, connecting, shining each our own light. The brighter and more true our light the easier it is to effect a deep connection with others, ourselves, our environment, our animal friends and the delicious spiraling movement of our planet, and constellation. We all have a sacred role to live out. I thank you for being here.
The people closest to me my awesome staff are just that!IMG_8406 like a walking stick, a crutch that assists me while I walk my path. They are my voice and direct physical link to you. Over twenty five years I have had the honour of knowing so many enthusiastic Gallery Supporters who each personalized their interaction with clients, my art and Gallery. At the peak of my Gallery business with a gallery in Victoria, La Connor, Washington and Ganges, Salt Spring Island, I remember 16 beautiful staff! Today, Leanna North my gallery manager has the illustrious history of knowing us since the early 1990’s employed for over 18years she knows our Gallery business! We get many many complements on her service and knowledge. Her efficiency keeps our Gallery running smoothly, with grace. IMG_0416Carmen joined the Gallery two years ago, casual days during the summer her expertise in communication and goodwill with clients is evident to all who meet her. Carmen keeps a hand in the Gallery, one day a week over the winter. Our clients are indeed lucky to be served by these awesome people who know my paintings intimately, communicate with me your needs and exceptional requests. Leanna and Carmen work for you too!
It’s fun to reminisce, this is a tiny view of what we are.IMG_8296 Have a look on my Gallery page for the photos I share of the gallery, clients and events since 1992! Hair colours changes, youthful figure changes, but my dedication to my art, my sharing is stronger than ever. It’s been a terrific ride! A lifetime of delicious experiences. How very fortunate am I. Definitely I am Too Blessed To Be Stressed.

Celebrating our spectacular north west coastal waters

Blog for October 2017 newsletter

Magnetic North smallCelebrating our spectacular north west coastal waters

‘Magnetic North’ my newest release. The inspiration honed from almost three decades living on a small gulf island in the Salish Sea exploring its waters by kayak our trawler, float plane and working freighter. As I travel through the seasons approaching winter with shorter days it’s diminished sunlight cultivates introspection, a deepening to inner worlds of dream and memory. In Swirled struggle I find its center where calm lives, its magnetism is a healing elixir. A force propels me north towards this nurturing journey inward.MoonLightFishingBlogNightCatchBlog

“Too Blessed to be Stressed” encapsulates my gratitude as the inner calm in this season blankets my perception.

Celebrating memories of wild escapes into nature over the years while living in British Columbia I share some moments preserved in paintings.img_9132
“Releasing Grace” a native heritage islet reclaimed now preserved through The Canadian Conservatory.
“Princess Louisa Memories” emerges after a surreal flight into a P1150351majestic fiord ruggedly carved into our northern coast. The lush violet green mist softens melds, creating a wonderland in every sense. Our tiny float plane descends to still waters at its head. Opening the hatch to stand on its float I experience a heady mist and roar of Chatterbox Falls before us.
img_0758“Courage at Nootka” takes form while staying a night in the tiny wild side coastal village of Kyuquoat. The working trawler boat journey from Gold River through Nootka Sound services outposts hidden in coves and rocky shore, a lighthouse, a forestry camp, a native village. Then finally out into the open swells of the great Pacific the delivery freighter equipped for ocean rolls, fog and blasts of northwest wind gave no heed to hours of churning stomach. Gratefully we slid into safe haven where fish boats like “Courage At HeriotBaySmallNootka” call home. A native settlement as pristine as nature is for thousands of years, we stepped into a world few know.
Yes, “Too Blessed to be stressed”, I recount my memories over the years and gladly share my visual experience.
May you too reminisce on your wonders and find daily moments of awe.
Happy north journeys to this winter land of inner knowing.

a Legacy of Love


giving a legacy and taking positive action……

“7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You”.  

see book

Giving rise to kind loving action to our lives and the life of the world



sending love, a legacy to the world



I was recently asked to give an endorsement on a book just published. It gave rise to much introspection. A children’s book with delightful illustrations visually augmenting the written message. Kim Tebbutt, Children’s Author,  articulates love, sending and receiving love around the world.
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Wearing My Art

good vibrations in a colourful world

Encouraging spirit with colour empowers positive clear energy.

first-scarf-promo2I dip my brush to a palette of sapphires, lapis, purple and harmonize with my meditative side. Colours of starry sky, coastal visions and my inner landscape. I immerse in wonder and introspection. My newest painting “Island Reflections” also translates onto wearable art. A Silk charmeuse scarf to wrap oneself in enchantment. 

islandreflectionssmall“Island Reflections” also available as a limited edition wall art visually imbues surroundings in wondrous feeling. I charge my paintings with hues scented in prayer and dream thoughts of possibility. 

A portion of “Bellissimo” with oranges, pinks, soft grey and lemon, I surround myself in its warming energy, it’s heat of scarves-1dynamic passion. Continue reading

Inspiring Journey Across Canada…..

Traveling by train from Vancouver to Toronto train-9several weeks ago gave plenty of time to contemplate my next series of paintings. Four days, four nights on the rail.  train1The jostling became pleasantly monotonous, soothing as my iron horse carriage provides a homey comfort. My cozy roomette a 5x7foot space is compacted in stainless steel. A sink, toilet and seat by day and bed pull down at night. A full window is my cornea to visually feast on Canada. One wondrous night snuggled under warm duvet I witness the Northern lights shimmering for hours over icy prairie as we race across northern Alberta and Saskatchewan. The grand plan played its light show, energy pulsed to its tune. I witness more magic than can be imagined as time disappeared.
train-8Shunting rail tracks for priority freight I hardly notice as nocturnal dream merges with real, blurred edges I drift, become the  Sound, motion, colour, fill in space I hardly know the difference. My daytime mediation routine deepens, quickened to the tempo of constant motion I notice my contemplative experience fuzz. The edge of any reality I might believe of it’s solid nature become illusionary.

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Living life this way is a blessing

Surrender, Grace, Focus, Wonder
Living life this way is a blessing

A few years ago walking home from the beach I hear a loud voice tell me to stop, turn and look across the harbour to homes on the edge of SeasideBlogthe sea, it’s the voice of my grandmother. Demanding, firm, wise and loving, for years I listen to her council and am  comforted by her presence.
“You will live there in the end house on the point of land facing that tiny Grace islet”
A series of dreams deepens the message from grandmother as she takes me to the house and shows me living within.
Ebb TideBlogA year later I meet a woman, friend of the deceased owner of this house who asks if I want to see inside.  Lovely experiences like this often come my way.  We had just sold our small farm property and were about to leave on a two month painting retreat in France.
With Grandmothers insistence I contacted the inheritor, perhaps he would rent it to us on our return from France.
He amazingly said yes! and gave us a two year lease. We left for France, our belongings safe in our new home waiting for our occupancy on return. I begin in earnest to ask grandmother why was it so important to live in this house.

The most inspiring dreams occur.