Mexico Musings

IMG_9745I am just home on our island from a delicious retreat in San Miguel Allende and Mexico City. Experiencing the flavour of Mexico while also having quiet time to deepen into my musings through the vehicle of dream and intentional journey gifts me an expanded view of a world beyond ‘the news reality’ projected through media. IMG_9698I subscribe to a belief that we make our reality beautiful through our intentional thought. It is a practice that takes detachment from the day to day obligations and news channels. I have meditations, chants and music/sound that all help to carry me to this shift.


IMG_9477Being in Mexico has given me daily opportunity to connect and practice with shop keepers, taxi drivers, vendors and people on the street where English is not a given.IMG_9611 I practice my very limited Spanish but mostly I see each person I inter-act with through the eyes of my heart. This expands the connection that brings awareness for the beauty of each individual even for brief minutes. Every night I would go to bed with the fullest of heart deeply grateful for the smiles, touches, acknowledgments I received. IMG_9417Using intentional presence was the best IMG_9493experience I have had for years!
IMG_9743This afternoon while I sit by the fire with Lucy my grand dog I am still warmed by many experiences I had. With the fullest of my heart to you I send….
Warmest wishes this season of grey and cold in our northern climate. Blessings of good friends and family, abundance of peaceful harmony in all your interactions. May full unfoldment of your creative desires lift your spirit for the happiness of all.

Enjoy some photos from Mexican journal….  for more see my Facebook and Instagram

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