A WestCoast Life My Way

Ruckle SheepA life on a Canadian west coast island becomes a reality in early 1990.

Photos, sketched house plans and maps spread across our farmhouse table in a remote hamlet of Provence, France. We are dreaming of building our home on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.
Our dream unfolds…..and, for almost thirty years we shape our island lives by deep desire to live fully our way.
Creative pursuit in every area of life becomes a deep questing commitment. The sacrifice is financial security.P1070215
When did this purposefulness arise? What catalyst allowed it to blossom?Ecole Beaumont
I trace back early remembrances dreaming of my love for our world, dancing, singing, expressing my thrill of nature and it’s landscape, people and diverse culture. I saw myself literally hugging our world.
It is the hands on, carving out, touching, holding, creating that is the thrill. We give our best to Continue reading