Feb2018- - 1

I ponder this world filled with opposing opposites.
What seemed true is now false and vice versa. I can sometimes feel powerlessness to the degradation to our beautiful earth. I have also noticed a plethora of media events or products pop into my inbox, all tailored to my interests. It seems coincidental, even synchronized. I worry my privacy is an illusion.
Manifestation is directly linked to the yearning in ones soul. If one “intends” using right thinking, manifestation results.
Our media technology is using similar principals, our searches are ‘planting’ our deepest thoughts seemingly ‘synchronized’ in front of our noses. My research reFeb2018- - 30veals artificial intelligence is so intricately woven into the fabric of everyone’s life that some believe a computer knows ‘you’ more than you know yourself!

Video link to Yuval Harari lecture..

The U.N. had a robot address their noble assembly

Where are we as a species going with this. Do we give up our skills…thinking, writing, creative unfoldment, do computers have all the answers?Feb2018- - 16
But wait. The word “sovereignty” keeps tickling my consciousness. I deeply contemplate my world, my awareness remind me of my power, my sovereign being .
Living in this time on Mother Earth we are where we are meant to be. We have choices; of fear of giving over our autonomous rights, or, actively being sovereign.
The expression ‘we have nothing to fear but fear itself’ is as true today as always. Feb2018- - 25Let’s not take ourselves out. Instead, feel grateful for our beautiful planet. Love all the foliage, the ground wFeb2018- - 14e walk on, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the warmth of the sun.
The elements gift us in every moment.

My experience of feeling love and projecting love in my surroundings releases a flow. It feels unconditional, connecting me to a greater alliance. A higher road that steps away from trivia, injustice and enslaving technology.

I align to my love thoughts while Feb2018- - 19driving my car and when I awaken in the night. Seeding my thoughts this way has created a habit I look forward to. My alone time is deeply personal with my connection to all, I gratefully feel my sovereign self.


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