Inspired Journeys Interview

What is Inspired Journeys art show?
A. Inspired Journeys is a collection of my paintings assembled for my shows this Fall, that inspire an uplifting view of our world.

What motivated you to paint these?
A. My inspiration was my motivation. The majesty of our British Columbia landscape. The sweetness of snug hamlets in a French countryside. The serene presence of an Indian women gracefully caring her load of sticks on her head. It is the feeling, the energy that I get that stirs a profound love for our world. Being in a place of gratitude is the root of this.

Do you always paint from this place of inspiration?

A. The subject that I feel called to paint is sourced in that inspired place. I also know that it is the actual process of painting that can also inspire a sense of huge gratitude as the painting unfolds. It is in getting out of my own way and surrendering to the process that wonder takes over.

How do you get to this place, and can you feel this all the time?
A. Some times it is in the seeing of a subject that could be from my travels. Most often it is the combination of experiencing the place and knowing the history, and having a deeper personal connection. Like my Tibet paintings. I am a Buddhist and Tibetan Buddhism is my personnal interest. My France collection is steeped in personnal experiences of living for a year with my  young family in a rural farming area of Provence. They attended a one room school house and we were welcomed into the life of the community.

What does inspiration mean to you?
A. Inspiration is to be close to god in my own resonance. That means painting and living  within my soul felt truth. I know when that is happening for me as “awe” times. When time is no longer and I paint without thought or agenda, for the sheer beauty of the colours, line and pleasure of the experience.

Why do you think this is important?
A. We live in challenging times. I personally know people that are experiencing great suffering. And we read and hear about huge difficulties so many are having. I believe surrounding ourselves with an atmosphere that is joyful and uplifting can help bring a sense of peace, and balance. I also believe that when one lives and performs from their heart it is felt and that is the best teacher to inspire and motivate action to make the changes necessary to overcome or be at peace with ones life. To view our world as beautiful is not tripe but necessary. It is in a deep knowing of that beauty that we can be inspired to take action to make this an even better world and pay back our good feeling.

3 thoughts on “Inspired Journeys Interview

  1. oh Jill – you really touch me with your thoughts, as well as yr paintings – esp. the beautiful banner on this page as it really is a West Coast view to me…. I’m looking for a landscape styled picture for my living room – what dimensions wd this one have – or a VERY similar one?

    • Hi Suzanne, thank you for your nice comments! Spinnakers Up the banner painting was so fun to paint, I loved how the forest grew in the back ground. This long narrow shape is especially interesting as it feels like a story!
      Spinnakers Up is available as a limited edition in 3 sizes. 13×36, 17×48 and 22×60. We would be happy to ship!
      Warmest wishes Jill

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