Bringing in the Light

Welcome back to my meanderings…..
Heartfelt blessings for creative transformational new beginnings in 2013.Delight

tamarDaisyThe first sunrise of the new year I witnessed the soft northern palette of dawn light shine down the Ganges Harbour. The stillness swallowed my thoughts of naming or even speaking, that is… until my beautiful friend Tamar and Miss Daisy burst out of her home with an electric energy that incredibly recharged when she too viewed the coming day. Armed with camera to record the annual event, my meditation transformed into glee in resonance with her boundless joy. She, a legendary Salt Spring photographer, has sometimes been a companion to witness natural events. Her enthusiastic vision together with an unabiding love of nature translates to incredible photographs. Her stories of the swift of wing and Continue reading

Walking with Grandfather

a talking my walk story    ………I see myself as a walker, not always in the sense of foot before foot, but also as in journey, explorer, viscerally experiencing. I shall begin at the beginning…..
Jill's DrumMany years ago while in a healing treatment I fell into a dream like state. Not asleep, as I was aware of the treatment being given. What took hold was a powerful vision. I saw an elder native man dressed in soft doe skins. He was standing watching me, beckoning me to come to him. Standing in a dry riverbed in knee high moccasins, with his outstretched arms he held Continue reading