World Art Market focus on local art

World Art market direction: Original Art Collectors interested in trends for investment should read what a recent Wall Street Journal has to say. The headline is “The Art World goes Local”…….the trend is to support local and regional artists, that a personal connection to the Artist is very important. Have a read! see below..

The History of Watercolour and old one….

The earliest watercolours were done by ancient Egyptians, they were illustrations done on papyrus paper around 1000BC. Oriental paintings were done on handmade paper in the 9th C.

Rennaisance artists including Albrecht Durer’s nature studies in 1470. English Artists Turner and John Constable in the 18th Century were famous for their watercolours. In the early 1900’s Paul Klee, Rodin, Klimit in Europe and in America Andrew Wyeth, Winslow Homer, and John Singer Sargent.

Watercolour paint is applied to a surface called ground. Originally paper was handmade until in 1820 a paper making machine was invented. I use a hot press surface which is very smooth with a weight of 300lb considered very heavy though much more expensive it does not warp. The Arches paper I use is 100% acid free a neutral pH and 100%cotton rag, made in France. The pigment colours are finely ground mixed with gum Arabic or Senegal binding agent. They are made in England.

Many of my original paintings are actually mixed media as I sometimes incorporate gouache, acrylic, oil, gold leaf and foil, fabric, paper.

Jill Louise Campbell