Finding Contentment

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“Contentment”  is defined as a stateItalian Sheep of happiness and satisfaction.

For me it can be a challenge!  How to balance peace and tranquility in a life that has needs and wants. How do I consistently stay in harmony? what brings me contentment?Jill's Drum

Deeply contemplating these thoughts with intention I drummed for guidance from the spirit world.

Here is my “Inspired Journeys” storyCamusWalk4

Grandmother comes disguised as an Ancient One. She is my wise council, lined and bent with years in nature and self sufficiency, her face worn, weathered to the elements. She is ragged and indigenous to the landscape and yet she gives a teaching, a virtue of the highest calling.
This is my experience………..
Grandmother and I journey on a steep CamusWalk6mountain path, soon we come to a cairn it is holy with prayer flags draped about. A pile of stones had been Continue reading