Song Of The Universe

Celebrating a dream manifest to reality

Italy Spiral
Dreams are the stuff of my imaginal realm
Fulfilling instructions a dream gives is sometimes difficult.

My connection to spirit fuel my paintings, they are threads that weave into the enormous web of life. Dreams speak loud. Will I fulfill the life contract I am asked to express, be the hollow reed, embrace the illumination I am gifted. Each choice matters each choice shapes the character of who I am. Each choice resonates for all to feel.jewelry7

 I merge into five days of intense hands on learning and fulfillment, making a physical manifestation of a dream that had come to me months before.


Under the wings of a master goldsmith I fashion a brooch that represent experiences I have, dreams over the past year ask to come to life.jewelry13

My medium is usually paint on paper. But more is asked of me. I stretch my comfort to fabricate these visions and meaning into a brooch.

Martin Ebbers, a German master goldsmith with over thirty years of award winning excellence accepted me into studio. From 10- 6pm for five days he coaches me on the alchemy of molten metal.

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Toujour Amour

France a love affair of countless journeys over decades I  surrender to its warm embrace and paint from my heart. A year lived  in Provence.  A walk on a 1,000 year old pilgrimage path in Languedoc.  Sojourn by aqua Mediterranean to experience colour through the eyes of Chagall, and Renoir.  “Toujour Amour” is a love of everyday France. The swoon of castle tops on The Dordogne,  or a sip of wine under a gnarled olive tree.
These newest paintings are experiences, whispered secrets in fifteenth century stone hamlets it’s slate roof tops glint in evening luminescence. Stone homes burnished, ages worn brightened in each season.  Iris, wisteria, rose, a moving tapestry of life lived to fullest.

Time lost in Fairytale hamlets and deep in prehistoric caves awakens as I stir pigment and water.  My imaginings energize on canvas.  I surrender, to the breath of ancient, myth, magic.  I vision a story, a design of simplistic line, movement of multilayered beasts rendered by 14,000 year old artists on the  walls of Lascaux.

I ask what is it that calls to be painted then feel the cord of creativity, a soul lust urges me to express and sing my experience.  Energy bubbles and yearns to be repeated through the filters of my perception, this France is a toujour amour.

“Murano Glass” Original Watercolour

Daffodils stuffed in a blown glass vase. Leaf stalks poking each way softened with vines trailing about but, my concentration is on a hand blown exquisite vessel. A flattened orb shape an embrace for flowers. The uneven thick glass with bubbles of primary colours tiny balls and circles each suspended. The glass is infused with gold, that when heated disperses and creates it’s free pattern.  I paint with squeezed tubes of jewel watercolour paint and envision the glass blower I witness in the centuries old work rooms of Signoretto Glass House in MuranoMurano Glass 2106
A darkened room a hushed awe, radiant flames from a nearby furnace, a wheeze of bellows and clang of iron pincers to steady the molten glass. An application of gold foil to the lava of glass and I am

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God’s Bidding

GodsBiddingGod’s Bidding

 “You are meant to be joyful and only embrace the truth of who you are……it is your Soul Quest, your essence.”

I had been anxious about a host of concerns. My Spirit Helpers often give parables of healing advice, they lead me on wonderous journeys.

A radiant being filled with grace called Mary answered my worries. “Just do Gods Bidding”.

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Celebration of Life

I have a very special friend Tamar, that really knows how to celebrate life! Over the past 18 years of our friendship she has danced, howled, photographed and read her stories to me of her interesting life experiences. Some of my favourite times with Tamar are when she has me to her boat only accessible home for a Full Moon Howl. A simple cup of steaming tea to celebrate getting up predawn on a frigid morning to view her cove of first arrivals of water fowl. Under the illumination of full moon glow we sit and wait. She at her scope and me with binoculars we study the waters and lightening sky to be the first to  see. Yowls and howls of delight and Tamar records each in her thick leather journal.
She is a teacher of celebration!
On our island when a dear one passes we have a “Celebration Of Life” we tell stories and celebrate a life well lived. With potluck and shared memories we remember the preciousness of our fragile lives.
Painting is called  “I Spy”

Healing an art?

 Over the years I have been invited into healing circles. Some with my drum, some set with a specific meditation.
Tonight I joined a beautiful group that was lead with a healing meditation for the world, then the community, the family, then for oneself. The soft words and the energy of the space was so soothing that I quickly surrendered to another place. Relaxed, I had a tiny awareness that I should wiggle my toes as I was not sure I was still there! The power of sending healing thoughts around the world and to my loved ones was euphoric. I love the feeling of energy pouring in from the earth and the heavens, mixing with my internal light and then sending it forth with pure intention. I believe the healee and the healer have equal measure!  Yesterday I was in a drumming circle lead by a Native Shaman, he showed us how Continue reading

Colourful Gallery Changes

inside the gallerySol Essence News for the merry month of May

  1. We are what our deep, driving desire is.
    As our deep, driving desire is, so is our will.
    As our will is, so is our deed.
    As our deed is, so is our destiny.
  2. Upanishad translated by Eknath Easwaran

Our Gallery is celebrating over 20 years of exhibitions, talks, ceremonies, encounters, reunions and unfolding connections.

Through the last 2 decades my painting interpretations have been viewed by thousands of people from all over the world.

The visual feast of colour and composition has breached language barriers. I believe art can change the world! Without verbal language, our eyes take in the meanings personal to each. The expression “touch with your eyes” invites wide open embrace of all the subtle nuances of form. The lilt, passion, whimsy, humour, and love of the subject is felt at a Continue reading