Lost and Found

By an escape artist
Floatsom and Jetsom, my life balances between glimps of calm abiding and wonders of the world. In awe of just about everything, easily distracted with curious founds, lost treasures…happily I surrender into wonder of the uniqueness in each moment.YSwDpYuTRheAaEWXdSafTg_thumb_10976
Why just today I captured a moment while reading a note from my gallery. Lost in the magic of connection, my mind scans the events that brought together a prize!
So much gratitude for the people in my life I rub shoulders with, perhaps to get the fairy dust on me too! IMG_7154This spiral of life right this moment glitters with a finery clearing my vision quest, bifocal merge to view my escape artist world.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_10964
Delighted, we won! For an instant I am on top of the world this moment. Breathe, calm abide with my breath, shamata. The grand illusion mists. The balance of lost and found, sealed by the escape artist in me affirms my presence. Enough, fully quenched, perfectly satiated I rub my solar plexus, mind wonders marveling at words a instant vision of our vast Sun that places itself Center above my belly I breathe in again, feelings of deepest love warm every morsel of my being. Just for this moment I fully inhabit my wild ride.

We won!Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 2.13.41 PM
But once a year our festive season comes. It awakens a curious need to forage in my garden, or as it happens this year forage in a glorious rainforest land


IMG_5950owned by Paula and Mike, all to satisfy a deep urge to embellish my Gallery window. All to punctuate a nocturnal season that awakens lucid dreams. Good cheer, peace on earth, glad tidings to all.
Together with flotsam from Tara’s beach collecting, shells collected while on Haida Gwaii. IMG_3703A delightful tryptych rendition of “Legacy” (compliments to Duart’s wizardry), my soulful expression of lost and found boats decorating our coast.A window festive is born.
So glad to share this with you!IMG_2153




Living life this way is a blessing

Surrender, Grace, Focus, Wonder
Living life this way is a blessing

A few years ago walking home from the beach I hear a loud voice tell me to stop, turn and look across the harbour to homes on the edge of SeasideBlogthe sea, it’s the voice of my grandmother. Demanding, firm, wise and loving, for years I listen to her council and am  comforted by her presence.
“You will live there in the end house on the point of land facing that tiny Grace islet”
A series of dreams deepens the message from grandmother as she takes me to the house and shows me living within.
Ebb TideBlogA year later I meet a woman, friend of the deceased owner of this house who asks if I want to see inside.  Lovely experiences like this often come my way.  We had just sold our small farm property and were about to leave on a two month painting retreat in France.
With Grandmothers insistence I contacted the inheritor, perhaps he would rent it to us on our return from France.
He amazingly said yes! and gave us a two year lease. We left for France, our belongings safe in our new home waiting for our occupancy on return. I begin in earnest to ask grandmother why was it so important to live in this house.

The most inspiring dreams occur.

A Walking Meditation

IMG_0162A CURIOUS WALK, again in 2015

I walked a circumambulatory journey around my island home. A walking meditation with attention for the love I feel for Salt Spring Island and the precious Earth we inhabit.  I write about this walk in my April blog 2012. Five years hence my remembrance is curious. I had the thought that this undertaking be a grand walk the length and breadth of Salt Spring on main roads, forest pathways, coastal  beaches and through main villages. I surrender to however long it takes.  I walk an average of 2 hours each day ultimately covering over 150 kilometers. I begin each walk where I left off marking my place with prayer flags and blessing the walk with gratitude for each experience . I see this walk a pilgrimage, one of many in my life.  Curiously Continue reading