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I ponder this world filled with opposing opposites.
What seemed true is now false and vice versa. I can sometimes feel powerlessness to the degradation to our beautiful earth. I have also noticed a plethora of media events or products pop into my inbox, all tailored to my interests. It seems coincidental, even synchronized. I worry my privacy is an illusion.
Manifestation is directly linked to the yearning in ones soul. If one “intends” using right thinking, manifestation results.
Our media technology is using similar principals, our searches are ‘planting’ our deepest thoughts seemingly ‘synchronized’ in front of our noses. My research reFeb2018- - 30veals artificial intelligence is so intricately woven into the fabric of everyone’s life that some believe a computer knows ‘you’ more than you know yourself! Continue reading

Living life this way is a blessing

Surrender, Grace, Focus, Wonder
Living life this way is a blessing

A few years ago walking home from the beach I hear a loud voice tell me to stop, turn and look across the harbour to homes on the edge of SeasideBlogthe sea, it’s the voice of my grandmother. Demanding, firm, wise and loving, for years I listen to her council and am  comforted by her presence.
“You will live there in the end house on the point of land facing that tiny Grace islet”
A series of dreams deepens the message from grandmother as she takes me to the house and shows me living within.
Ebb TideBlogA year later I meet a woman, friend of the deceased owner of this house who asks if I want to see inside.  Lovely experiences like this often come my way.  We had just sold our small farm property and were about to leave on a two month painting retreat in France.
With Grandmothers insistence I contacted the inheritor, perhaps he would rent it to us on our return from France.
He amazingly said yes! and gave us a two year lease. We left for France, our belongings safe in our new home waiting for our occupancy on return. I begin in earnest to ask grandmother why was it so important to live in this house.

The most inspiring dreams occur.

Song Of The Universe

Celebrating a dream manifest to reality

Italy Spiral
Dreams are the stuff of my imaginal realm
Fulfilling instructions a dream gives is sometimes difficult.

My connection to spirit fuel my paintings, they are threads that weave into the enormous web of life. Dreams speak loud. Will I fulfill the life contract I am asked to express, be the hollow reed, embrace the illumination I am gifted. Each choice matters each choice shapes the character of who I am. Each choice resonates for all to feel.jewelry7

 I merge into five days of intense hands on learning and fulfillment, making a physical manifestation of a dream that had come to me months before.


Under the wings of a master goldsmith I fashion a brooch that represent experiences I have, dreams over the past year ask to come to life.jewelry13

My medium is usually paint on paper. But more is asked of me. I stretch my comfort to fabricate these visions and meaning into a brooch.

Martin Ebbers, a German master goldsmith with over thirty years of award winning excellence accepted me into studio. From 10- 6pm for five days he coaches me on the alchemy of molten metal.

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Painting where the veils are thin between imaginal and real.

Newsletter December 2014

Ravens and BearClip2_Blog
I am a storyteller.  From travels and dream I draw on characters that guide me to lands real and imagined.

NightCatchBlogMy north light studio cantilevers over Ganges Harbour.  New HarbourClipTwoBlogThe  bay is a constant thrill of bobbing boats, sea planes coming and going, fishermen hauling crab nets as gulls swirl, dive and play in the fragrance of briny morsels.  Today the water is a platinum jiggling jelly.
Last night the sea an awareness……New HarbourClipONEblog
The wind howls and slaps waves against the rocky shore below.  A star filled heavens blink, nod and carry me to DreamTime of other velvet nights pricked with thousands of stars.  I lean over boat rail to view a mirrored reflection of the cosmos a swirl of effervesce illuminates the aqua radiance.  Bear comes to me.MoonLightFishingBlog
I have received many bear gifts, stone carvings, a bear claw, a deer skin drum with a beautiful painted bear gifted by a shamanic healer who led me on several sweat lodges.  Rereading  journals  I discover my drawings of bear and writings of Continue reading

Magic Carpet Ride


I Have A Dream ONE In reminiscing on my two month retreat in rural France.
Much has changed.  It is me.   France became a rich dream time unencumbered with responsibilities,  set in a familiar landscape yet isolated just enough to allow my dreaming self to emerge and be my guide.

The past ten years
It has been a roller coast ride the past ten years with upheaval of homes,  illness and death in my family and friends. This necessitates a redefining of myself. In my sixties this is the crisis time I must go through to emerge changed as I am now.

As winter draws to an end with days to leave for France, our historic century old farm house is turned over to the perfect couple eager to farm with vision and youth I had lost.
We sold our Daffodil Springs Farm,  packed a few belongings and amidst a tempest freak snow storm moved into Ganges. The last struggle of our move was almost the straw that broke the camels back. We were beaten into exhaustion, stung from financial loss and literally moving through calf high thick snow to remove the last vestiges of a life we cared to keep. Our movers had to cancel as roads were impassable. Continue reading