Inspired Journeys Interview

What is Inspired Journeys art show?
A. Inspired Journeys is a collection of my paintings assembled for my shows this Fall, that inspire an uplifting view of our world.

What motivated you to paint these?
A. My inspiration was my motivation. The majesty of our British Columbia landscape. The sweetness of snug hamlets in a French countryside. The serene presence of an Indian women gracefully caring her load of sticks on her head. It is the feeling, the energy that I get that stirs a profound love for our world. Being in a place of gratitude is the root of this.

Do you always paint from this place of inspiration?

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Inspired Journeys

“Inspired Journeys’ a travelling art show.  I am thrilled to be exhibiting not only some of my favourite paintings from foreign lands but also the landscape of dreams. Dreams often the source for inspired action, curious happenings and sometimes insightful messages. This Fall we will be traveling to Kelowna, Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Edmonton, Vancouver, Parksville  and Victoria. We look forward to seeing you!

Jill at Stonehendge

Inspired Journey’s at Stonehenge, one of my sweetest experiences was having a picnic on the mammoth stones of Stonehenge in the early 70’s

Inspired means in spirit. In Latin “spiritus” means “breath”, it is the energy that permeates everything. Imagine aligning with our spirit our true self daily. My Journey’s recorded in my paintings are not only from foreign lands, but also the landscape of dreams.