Song Of The Universe

Celebrating a dream manifest to reality

Italy Spiral
Dreams are the stuff of my imaginal realm
Fulfilling instructions a dream gives is sometimes difficult.

My connection to spirit fuel my paintings, they are threads that weave into the enormous web of life. Dreams speak loud. Will I fulfill the life contract I am asked to express, be the hollow reed, embrace the illumination I am gifted. Each choice matters each choice shapes the character of who I am. Each choice resonates for all to feel.jewelry7

 I merge into five days of intense hands on learning and fulfillment, making a physical manifestation of a dream that had come to me months before.


Under the wings of a master goldsmith I fashion a brooch that represent experiences I have, dreams over the past year ask to come to life.jewelry13

My medium is usually paint on paper. But more is asked of me. I stretch my comfort to fabricate these visions and meaning into a brooch.

Martin Ebbers, a German master goldsmith with over thirty years of award winning excellence accepted me into studio. From 10- 6pm for five days he coaches me on the alchemy of molten metal.

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A Walking Meditation

IMG_0162A CURIOUS WALK, again in 2015

I walked a circumambulatory journey around my island home. A walking meditation with attention for the love I feel for Salt Spring Island and the precious Earth we inhabit.  I write about this walk in my April blog 2012. Five years hence my remembrance is curious. I had the thought that this undertaking be a grand walk the length and breadth of Salt Spring on main roads, forest pathways, coastal  beaches and through main villages. I surrender to however long it takes.  I walk an average of 2 hours each day ultimately covering over 150 kilometers. I begin each walk where I left off marking my place with prayer flags and blessing the walk with gratitude for each experience . I see this walk a pilgrimage, one of many in my life.  Curiously Continue reading

Cruising the Westcoast

Home now on Salt Spring Island after a two month retreat  in rural south west France. Paintings to complete vie for attention as we settle into our new home in Ganges.
IMG_4143Business updates and meetings with Leanna we hear about her busy past two months in the Gallery. Friends and family celebrations and sharing all our stories, France is now behind us, sweet memories recede and are replaced with lists of to dos.
We come to our senses and take a precious few days to escape on “DreamTime” our trawler, a Grand Banks. IMG_9597We sail out of Ganges Harbour with a gentle rock of lapping wavelets. Pristine beauty views so clear in every direction.  The coastline is
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Inspired Journeys

“Inspired Journeys’ a travelling art show.  I am thrilled to be exhibiting not only some of my favourite paintings from foreign lands but also the landscape of dreams. Dreams often the source for inspired action, curious happenings and sometimes insightful messages. This Fall we will be traveling to Kelowna, Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Edmonton, Vancouver, Parksville  and Victoria. We look forward to seeing you!

Jill at Stonehendge

Inspired Journey’s at Stonehenge, one of my sweetest experiences was having a picnic on the mammoth stones of Stonehenge in the early 70’s

Inspired means in spirit. In Latin “spiritus” means “breath”, it is the energy that permeates everything. Imagine aligning with our spirit our true self daily. My Journey’s recorded in my paintings are not only from foreign lands, but also the landscape of dreams.

Colourful Gallery Changes

inside the gallerySol Essence News for the merry month of May

  1. We are what our deep, driving desire is.
    As our deep, driving desire is, so is our will.
    As our will is, so is our deed.
    As our deed is, so is our destiny.
  2. Upanishad translated by Eknath Easwaran

Our Gallery is celebrating over 20 years of exhibitions, talks, ceremonies, encounters, reunions and unfolding connections.

Through the last 2 decades my painting interpretations have been viewed by thousands of people from all over the world.

The visual feast of colour and composition has breached language barriers. I believe art can change the world! Without verbal language, our eyes take in the meanings personal to each. The expression “touch with your eyes” invites wide open embrace of all the subtle nuances of form. The lilt, passion, whimsy, humour, and love of the subject is felt at a Continue reading