…while laying reclaimed bricks for a path to our century old farm house I had an Epiphany. So many of my projects are shaped by a path or line that defines a space or leads to another set of circumstances. Struggling with a wagon load of old bricks across a newly graded driveway topped with sand, for a moment I stepped outside of myself and saw this 60 plus year old women determined to lay yet another huge section of bricks.I thrive on a satisfaction of completion, even if only a portion of the over all job is done. I push myself to conquer a section.

And then with sweat and grim I saw myself for more than the physical effort it was taking. I saw the path. Then I looked up and saw the bark chip path I had created several months ago that  gently curve past the horse barn, past the 75 year old apple tree, rising and then out of site as it rounded a 10 foot high stump that is now buried by salal. I trace in my mind the narrow path sweeping round the rock edged salal grove and then gently curve down to settle under a giant cedar. The satisfaction of seeing this completed path was thrilling. The play of landscape disappearing round the salal, was a game of mystery. Every day after finally creating the bark mulch path I would walk it and marvel at the softness of nature falling about it. It is as if I created an invitation to enter into this more wild world, safely! Continue reading