Celebration of Life

I have a very special friend Tamar, that really knows how to celebrate life! Over the past 18 years of our friendship she has danced, howled, photographed and read her stories to me of her interesting life experiences. Some of my favourite times with Tamar are when she has me to her boat only accessible home for a Full Moon Howl. A simple cup of steaming tea to celebrate getting up predawn on a frigid morning to view her cove of first arrivals of water fowl. Under the illumination of full moon glow we sit and wait. She at her scope and me with binoculars we study the waters and lightening sky to be the first to  see. Yowls and howls of delight and Tamar records each in her thick leather journal.
She is a teacher of celebration!
On our island when a dear one passes we have a “Celebration Of Life” we tell stories and celebrate a life well lived. With potluck and shared memories we remember the preciousness of our fragile lives.
Painting is called¬† “I Spy”