a Legacy of Love


giving a legacy and taking positive action……

“7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You”.  

see book

Giving rise to kind loving action to our lives and the life of the world



sending love, a legacy to the world



I was recently asked to give an endorsement on a book just published. It gave rise to much introspection. A children’s book with delightful illustrations visually augmenting the written message. Kim Tebbutt, Children’s Author,  articulates love, sending and receiving love around the world.

Sending and Receiving meditation

I am reminded of the Buddhist ‘Metta Mediation’ of Loving Kindness. 

May you be filled with loving kindness

May you be well

May you be peaceful and at ease

May you be happy.


A “Pilgrimage Begins”, dedicating my life to love .

The receiving part of of this meditation is of equal importance. It is replacing the word “you” with “I”

May I be filled with loving kindness…….

Then replace “I” with “the world”. The next level of equal importance is to send this meditation using “you” but with the caveat that the “you” be someone you dislike, have resentment to or who angers you. The goal is to be able to truly come to a place of sending and receiving this loving kindness meditation to transform the present feeling you may have. My knowing is that coming to a place of sending love to oneself despite our own inner shame, guilt or self ridicule, that it is then that we can deeply extend love to another, unconditionally. Self love including all the dark parts of ourselves is the greatest healing for ourselves and also for all human kind. Nature, environment, animals all the elements are then a perfect beginning to heal the huge unbalance we are living in.


Wisdom Keeper

Be a “Wisdom Keeper” 


What I love about Kim’s book is that it her simple exercise for children (and the inner child in us) is a deeply ‘engraining training’ that plants seeds of positive self talk. This gives rise to kind, positive action in our own life and the worlds life. 

It all begins with us.         


Wings of Grace

“Wings of Grace”


The thought manifests as the word
The word manifests as the deed
The deed developed into habit
And habit hardens into character
So watch the thought and it’s ways with care
And let it spring from love 
Born out of concern for all beings

Pathway to Healing our world



Heartbeat of the World

Blessings and Love To You.


1 thought on “a Legacy of Love

  1. “7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You”
    ….”reading this latest book creation by Kim Tebbutt I fall delightfully into a childlike state of wonder. Remembrances of my own inner child imaginings of communicating with divine ones always in a place of love. My cherished memories of falling asleep seeing myself in locales around the world whispering “I love you” and feeling the warm embrace I give. This has always been my mission!
    This poignant book words my inner voice!”
    I believe deep within us all is a primordial need to communicate our love in gratitude to others. Kim shows us how. With the power of the words of virtue by echoing back to ‘ones self’ all that you wish in your heart for another.
    This powerful message indeed will change the world. Beginning with our children, as this simple teaching becomes indelible and serves a person with self esteem empowering them for a life time.
    Bravo too for the delightful illustrations of Sara Penhale who, with paint and her own inner innocent magic divinely captures Kim’s teaching in exquisite visual.
    Blessings for this book to warmly embrace the world and be a catalyst to our heaven on earth.”

    Jill Louise Campbell
    Canadian Artist, Writer and Gallery Owner.
    Her motto, ‘Illuminate Resonate Embrace’ fills her creations.
    Inspired by the beauty of our natural world, the spirit behind indigenous cultures and wisdom of myth; soulful, whimsical images in her paintings manifest.

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