Song Of The Universe

Celebrating a dream manifest to reality

Italy Spiral
Dreams are the stuff of my imaginal realm
Fulfilling instructions a dream gives is sometimes difficult.

My connection to spirit fuel my paintings, they are threads that weave into the enormous web of life. Dreams speak loud. Will I fulfill the life contract I am asked to express, be the hollow reed, embrace the illumination I am gifted. Each choice matters each choice shapes the character of who I am. Each choice resonates for all to feel.jewelry7

 I merge into five days of intense hands on learning and fulfillment, making a physical manifestation of a dream that had come to me months before.


Under the wings of a master goldsmith I fashion a brooch that represent experiences I have, dreams over the past year ask to come to life.jewelry13

My medium is usually paint on paper. But more is asked of me. I stretch my comfort to fabricate these visions and meaning into a brooch.

Martin Ebbers, a German master goldsmith with over thirty years of award winning excellence accepted me into studio. From 10- 6pm for five days he coaches me on the alchemy of molten metal.

Torch fire fuelled by my blowing I learn to recognize the exact moment to move the flame, allow the heated silver to curl and ball. Attempts, errors, over and over my torch too far, too close, not enough flame, too much. Then an ecstatic moment the heated metal became live, rolls, forms an orb. Each step in the process of creating the likeness of my dream is a labour that extracted and demanded excellence as I honed a new skill. Using a saw, its blade the width of a hair I learn to carve  silver gently into a semicircle I h

ad previously pierced a hole in. jewelry5The tiny piece I craft is one of five delicate components that would make up the pin clasp. With crude drawing, embellished stories of my dream Martin coaches me on the possibilities of what is doable in his lifelong art. Slowly trial and error “The Song Of The Universe” brooch becomes tangible expression of the universal connection we each as humans have with the divine.Spiral6

The spiral a shape of movement reaches to touch source. Our life path, a yearning soars, comes back to itself and then reaches further. I am told our finger tips with the print of spiral on each pad is the key to our connection.Outstretched hand each finger tip pulses in resonance on the path of our life, all our lives, ever in movement. This connection, a receiver is used for millennium to heal. Reiki and TT are methods used today. Our hands emit energy that when directed, align, bring back into balance harmony our body needs. This is healing.

Now Spiral

My dreams show symbols I try to decipher. Thinking messages were being given to me I try to read. Soon I learn to relax, watch what is shown me. A knowing its voice gently communicates, “you are the song of the universe”. jewelry3


The harmonics of celestial bodies, fabric of our existence has a sound a hum of great beauty, but, it is almost impossible for us to hear with the clutter of our lives. I am shown shapes that are exquisite!  Told to India Spiralfabricate to touch like Braille, molten metal tactile into a wearable brooch.

 I am told we each have gifts to bless gratitude for our life. With my brooch I fulfill my appreciation for these visions. My world of relying on spirit strengthen as I communicate in the tangible. For years I write my dreams, share my paintings. I research others who also express their wonder. I realize it is this reaching out with our heart and hands, touching, sharing with care, that we celebrate our humanity beyond our tiny planet for all creation, the stars, the ether, the matter of all that gifts us.

I know we are each the song of the universe. Our music gathers and sings in ever clearer harmony as we focus on the truth of ourselves. We only have to look at our tiny finger print spiral to realize our profound connection.


award winning designer and Master Goldsmith
“Song Of The New Earth”

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