A Walking Meditation

IMG_0162A CURIOUS WALK, again in 2015

I walked a circumambulatory journey around my island home. A walking meditation with attention for the love I feel for Salt Spring Island and the precious Earth we inhabit.  I write about this walk in my April blog 2012. Five years hence my remembrance is curious. I had the thought that this undertaking be a grand walk the length and breadth of Salt Spring on main roads, forest pathways, coastal  beaches and through main villages. I surrender to however long it takes.  I walk an average of 2 hours each day ultimately covering over 150 kilometers. I begin each walk where I left off marking my place with prayer flags and blessing the walk with gratitude for each experience . I see this walk a pilgrimage, one of many in my life.  Curiously I realize my adventurous life is a teaching coming back to me again as I search and explore my soul truth. With deliberate steps I take in one direction then a gentle shift, I am aware of pattern and predictability. It is as if I am a spiral ever moving, gaining, experiencing and seeing myself afresh again.

I begin again in Spring 2015, to walk Salt Spring Island, its paths some covering new landscapes and quiet roads.IMG_1799 Here is an inspirational video.
spiraling universe link video

While anticipating my next walking mediation  I found this poem I wrote, a documentation of my monkey mind. In it I writIMG_0493e about my thoughts that arise and fall away as I walk and ….”nearly miss the moment”

A Walk,  a no name in sane walk.
Feet trod, lifting dread
sucking breath between tight ribs
like a top heated up
uncertain hiss, I nearly miss
the moment.

A deeper need arisesRavens and BearClip_Blog
glimpsing a glimmer, orbs
they dance then dimmer.
As concentration names the presence
I surrender deep, wallow
mired, how to tell the difference?

Becoming live as I dive
and lie, and die
in uncertain territory.

A wise eye blinks then another
crinkled dark skin folds, releases
absorbing light, observer, watcher, present.

A moment passes.

A symphony of dancing viridian
crackling carnelian as cymbals crescendoP1020884
to extravaganza.
A light show of pattern, Gustav Klimt gold lined lovers embrace.
Chagall fiddler floats over roof tops.
Picasso lines distort, regroup define two thoughts to one.picassoandJill
Monet calmly rows among lily pads and draping willow.
I notice,
in sane another moment passes.

In baby steps I walk uncertain of my reason.
Do I need?
A knowing deep is call to action.
Sometimes stuck very deep in shit, disgust a pity goop.
Then another surge uplifts my nose to intoxicate
the oxygen.

In slow motion remembrances surface.IMG_1803
I place another step and step again.
This tight rope act between two states
reverberates, emulates, duplicates, paddy cakes, ridiculous.

Exhaustion seeps out
another step I take.

Intention is a funny thing
a naming bling, a glory sting
of hope, half truths, a beginning.

Can I sustain my deepest need?
Is there time to unwind and stop this march of time.
Ticking talk, gibberish gop, gabbing sop of nothing.

Put my mind on a shelf
place a blanket on in.
Tuck it in, kiss goodnight, tip toe out.
Upon a star I go afar leaving it behind for the moment.

Jill at her first seaside gallery in Ganges 1992

Jill at her first seaside gallery in Ganges 1992moment.CamusWalk1

I take another step.




Illuminate Resonate Embrace

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