Painting where the veils are thin between imaginal and real.

Newsletter December 2014

Ravens and BearClip2_Blog
I am a storyteller.  From travels and dream I draw on characters that guide me to lands real and imagined.

NightCatchBlogMy north light studio cantilevers over Ganges Harbour.  New HarbourClipTwoBlogThe  bay is a constant thrill of bobbing boats, sea planes coming and going, fishermen hauling crab nets as gulls swirl, dive and play in the fragrance of briny morsels.  Today the water is a platinum jiggling jelly.
Last night the sea an awareness……New HarbourClipONEblog
The wind howls and slaps waves against the rocky shore below.  A star filled heavens blink, nod and carry me to DreamTime of other velvet nights pricked with thousands of stars.  I lean over boat rail to view a mirrored reflection of the cosmos a swirl of effervesce illuminates the aqua radiance.  Bear comes to me.MoonLightFishingBlog
I have received many bear gifts, stone carvings, a bear claw, a deer skin drum with a beautiful painted bear gifted by a shamanic healer who led me on several sweat lodges.  Rereading  journals  I discover my drawings of bear and writings of dream travels high on mountain paths.  In a dream Bear tests my character.  She is fierce, snarly,  I hold my space.  She takes me on a ride of my life plunging down a waterfall.  I find myself fishing with her for salmon.  I leap into the water to help catch.  We share the meal cooked over fire, the spirit of the salmon inside us.
A painting story emerges…..  Ravens and BearFULL_Blog

Bear wordlessly takes me up a mountain path icy dangerous,  we pause,  suddenly a dark menacing predator rears up.  Bear stands between us.  I fearlessly observe this wild creature.  Bear stood away revealing a luminous full moon. The glowing light fills my heart.  I stand without fear.
Bear has been with me a long time,  I am in awe of her loving heart.  After the Tsunami in Japan I was very concerned and wanted to help. Bear took me and together we witnessed  the horror. We gave healing and support and when it was time to return home Bear said she would stay awhile longer as she was needed.
A few years ago I spent a day with a Navajo in Sedona. She took me to vortexes and canyon energy spots and told  me stories of portals to spirit in this powerful land.  When we part she names me Crow Star.  Crows arrive as I speak my truth with love.  Bridging the starry heavens and natural earth in real time is the work I do.Ravens and BearClip4_Blog

A desire to listen to spirit stems from my early experiences.  I recall  watching my mother sacrifice for her six children.  I saw the hundreds of demands from us kids and an overworked husband to care for.  I ask what do you really want.  Her answer,  always the same, to give all of herself for us, it is what pleases her most.  I respond  “please do something for you…as when you do, you give permission for me to be me”.
A dearest moment was when my mother whispered me a request, she wanted to climb Blarney Castle in Ireland and kiss the stone.  Years later at eighty two I hold her as she lay, then leans over the high castle wall and pecks the stone giddy like a child.Follow_a_wishBlogClipONE

I have a strong inner world.  Meditation, yoga and dream journey are my tools that access the deeper story.  Spiraling into the stars I see earths magnificence more clearly.  Life is so much grander from this perspective!  Being in a state of wonder and awe, that is grace.  I am so grateful to share stories in this dream of my life where the veils are thin between imaginal and real.New HarbourSmall


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