Bee cause….

Bee cause….little bee1

Eight original flower bouquets (see all). Each  is pollinated with virtue affirmations including love, wisdom, abundance, grace, happiness, joy and beauty.BeeWise

I love bees! I love flowers! There life giving pollination bless our food and flowers and sustains our earth. These queens of the sun literally turn our world around! No other species plays a more significant role in producing fruits and vegetables.

Alarmingly, the bee population is in accelerated decline. Due to climate change and pollution. The genetically produced seeds (GMO’s) insecticides and herbicides created to fix a mite that is decimating bees is weakening the genetic defense that would normally fight off the parasite. It is the toxicity from these chemicals and GMO seeds that are central to the collapse.BEE-1

The created by Dan Jason of Salt Spring Island is central to saving heritage seeds.SeedSanctuary copy
We can become a member, our dollar contributions helps to fund this valuable research.DanJason lists a huge variety of seeds produced on Salt Spring Island available to purchase.

We can be a positive difference by purchasing local organically grown food.
Bee cause we care!




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