Cruising the Westcoast

Home now on Salt Spring Island after a two month retreat  in rural south west France. Paintings to complete vie for attention as we settle into our new home in Ganges.
IMG_4143Business updates and meetings with Leanna we hear about her busy past two months in the Gallery. Friends and family celebrations and sharing all our stories, France is now behind us, sweet memories recede and are replaced with lists of to dos.
We come to our senses and take a precious few days to escape on “DreamTime” our trawler, a Grand Banks. IMG_9597We sail out of Ganges Harbour with a gentle rock of lapping wavelets. Pristine beauty views so clear in every direction.  The coastline is
punctuated with sandy beaches, and rocky out cropping. Stately homes curl up with arbutus and rest against evergreen conifers. Gulls fly off our roof top circle in a wide arch as we witness a huge eagle soar low spying a sea morsel.  Bobbing markers dot the waterscape in an order seen by the crab fisherman who laid them. I imagine the crusty crabs crawling one by one into the narrow confines of net and wire to satisfy a hunger for chicken bits.
We make our way to a tiny cove not quite secret, but at this time of year mostly vacant of visiting craft. Our thoughts are of the beauty and wonder of nature about us. We point out a boat to port or starboard, a passing ferry we judge it’s speed. Then slowly motor into our safe sanctuary. It’s low tide. IMG_4158I watch for rocks and underwater sand drifts from the exposed beach. Through a narrow channel to inner peace of still water ringed with tall swooning firs. A bleat of distant sheep from a centuries old farmstead that still works the rural land lie hidden behind the dense forest.
We drop anchor, our chains of metal chinking, echo, and disturb the idyllic bay.IMG_0887
We sit awhile to breathe the salt, the sky and fresh breeze. Duart naps,  I oil another coat on teak rails and begin a conversation with resident seals.

How is it that ones life can inhabit so many delightful worlds appreciating each as if it is the best the most wonderful life. Perhaps I am part chameleon and take on the colours and senses of each surroundings as if it is all there is. With each brilliant place I find a deepening of experience become more profound. small local starfishThe French countryside of stone bordered fields, Fairytale villages hundreds of years old with its rich culture of gourmet and tradition at the time seemed all that I could absorb. Just back from two months of deep immersion in rural France I pinch myself to be now in our awe inspiring west coast its natural beauty so fresh I want to stay here forever and drink  it in.

How thankful I am to live so many lives in this one.

Loving the world around us,

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1 thought on “Cruising the Westcoast

  1. Just happened to visit your site today…..the day we are becoming owners of a Grand Banks! We have visited Ganges many times and have purchased some or your art work. It is always so inspiring, as are you! We shall watch for “Dream Time” as we travel this most beautiful Pacific coast.

    Proud new parents of “Seaker”

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