Easter week in France

A renewal and cycle of life, Spring unfolds in the south of France. Leaves unfurl, bees migrate to flowers, baby lambs frolic on wobbly legs. Every day newness reveals bud to flower and sun rising higher.IMG_8316 Here since early March our little patio now is sun drenched from early morning.  Fresh from the boulangerie croissants, mugs of coffee our day lazily starts listening to doves cooing and cows that lumber past to lush meadows rich in dandelions.

Try to keep up with the steady symphony of growth is near impossible. Daily walks to photograph flowers from tight bud to the fullness of bloom. Iris, lilac, wisteria it is predicable yet heart stopping and filled I am with wonder of nature fulfillingIMG_3780IMG_82863 it’s promise. Is it the quiet time we have given ourselves that gives me eyes to see this stunning display? Meditation, contemplation have always been a solace giving me tranquility. My best paintings happen with uncluttered thoughts. Today on awaking my first thought is of a certain angle to paint trees leaning just so to give a path, movement through the scene. Awareness of lessons given from a source I increasingly rely on. Introspection using intention guides me deeper into the richness of my life. Daydreams for years have been a delicious retreat. At the end of this month I will be taking a weekend intensive with Robert Moss in Montpellier. I became familiar with his work on dreaming through a series of interviews, since then I am immersed in his audio books. His exploration into the multidimensional dream world is as familiar as my own imaginings since childhood. It is deeply affirming to connect with fellow dreamers. How fitting to be in this idyllic rural part of France, drifting through days entrenched in the steady progress of Spring unfolding.

Last week we visited The Lascaux Caves. Decending into a facsimile carved out of the same rock meters from the first discovery. The paintings true to form are a marvel to view. Simplistic line, sophisticated movement, multilayered beasts delightfully rendered on walls and ceiling. On entering I felt a holy place, indeed the more I read about these paintings and who did them 14,000 years ago I am in awe of a clarity and interpretation. A single line tells a whole story. That night after returning I dreamed I was wearing stag antlers running through the forest half human half deer. The crunch of leaves, twigs and thud of hooves are so clear. It is as if a secret awareness was gifted me.

With a few more weeks in France I am IMG_7923increasingly aware of the preciousness of my life. With no TV, and little English contact, my perspective is softening and supporting my inward journey. We will be home by mid May. The jewel of this introspection deeply held, is my resource to draw on as my life takes on the business of Gallery, friends and family.

In appreciation for spring and new beginnings. We are blessed.

4 thoughts on “Easter week in France

  1. Lovely musings, Jill! France in Spring sounds idyllic, and you and Duart are able to appreciate all the nuances of life unfolding. I love the photo of the brown cows and the wonky split rail fence near the country road. Soon we will embrace you back into our community. Safe travels! Love, Tamar

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