High Plateau drive to Lake Titicaca

We arrived in the dark in Puno a city high in the Andes by Lake Titicaca. An 8 hour bus ride from Cusco. It was teeth rattling as we navigated through frontier towns where 100% of the brick buildings are in partial completion, and the main road through the towns are littered with trucks in various states of repair. (Plastic litter everywhere)Peru4
Potholes and broken pavement meant navigating in zigzag fashion. Once out of town the main highway is two lane paved, one could relax somewhat and view humble mud bricked homes a corral of out buildings with high same bricked walls. Llamas, sheep, cows grazed the yellow grass land. Flat treeless with bare hills to mountains beyond all moderately featureless. The sky a deep blue with fluffy white Georgia O’keefe clouds. The range not too dissimilar to a very long drive through Nevada Duart and I took two years ago.

Yesterday in Cusco we bought lunch supplies for the long ride. Buns we stuffed with ham from our breakfast, almonds, dried apricots and bottled water.
Our road trip was punctuated with a few stops. This lady and her alpaca was waiting for us. Eager to have her photo taken for money, it seemed one of the few times I could photograph without averted eyes. The country women are still dressed in some manner of local custom. Most notably their hats and skirts. Inka temples are well preserved and are fringed with venders all selling similar wares. Some interesting like regional hand painted pottery. But mostly the same sweaters, gloves, alpaca hats and colourful bags. It seems self employed vending is a staple for income. It is at every stop!Peru7

I am back from dinner with my group of ten including Willaru. Exhausted with Andes music playing loud in my head from our restaurant. The altitude and jitters from the long ride I am happy to now be snug in my bed that is stacked with thick wool blankets. It is chilly here! Tomorrow we take a reed boat trip on the lake and visit the floating islands.

What an experience!

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