Walking with Grandfather

a talking my walk story    ………I see myself as a walker, not always in the sense of foot before foot, but also as in journey, explorer, viscerally experiencing. I shall begin at the beginning…..
Jill's DrumMany years ago while in a healing treatment I fell into a dream like state. Not asleep, as I was aware of the treatment being given. What took hold was a powerful vision. I saw an elder native man dressed in soft doe skins. He was standing watching me, beckoning me to come to him. Standing in a dry riverbed in knee high moccasins, with his outstretched arms he held a carved stick, with feathers and woven sinew. A large medicine pouch around his neck, he was dressed in the old ways, and, he was giving me something.

As years busily slipped by this vision would spontaneously surface. I had no context for him yet, but, it was not the sort of dream that fades.

Early Spring 2010 I had reached a point of anxiety saturation. Clearly the world events could not be solved with my worry. The financial crisis, needless wars, and environmental calamities had taken me to a place of deep depression for the future of our civilization.

In this point of extreme saturation I became still and suddenly I knew what to do. My introspection and self healing was the only constant that I had control over. I had to understand myself and I needed to ask for help in the spirit world. I took instructions with a teaching Anthropologist trained in Shamanism, a protocol developed from decades of research into Shamanic practices in indigenous cultures around the world. Many spirit helpers came to me as I merged myself in the upper and lower worlds. These experiences gave meaning and comfort to my life. I very quickly became reliant on these benevolent beings. Of my adventures I have so many stories to tell.

Early in these shamanic explorations my native elder came to me. Grandfather became one of my most powerful guides. He has lead me on journeys that many times have powerful teachings. Allow the Flow is one I want to share with you.

Painting title  "Allow the Flow"

Painting title “Allow the Flow”

I had arrived quite early for my drumming group, and took quiet time in a garden. The warmth of the late afternoon sun, the buzz of bees and smells of cedars and wild grasses about me lulled me into a reverie. Suddenly I found myself scrambling up a mountain side hurrying after Grandfather. He always seemed to be around the next bend. “I have a teaching for you, follow me” I could not quite catch up to him, just glimpsing a muscled leg or a suggestion of his deer clad body. “It’s very important, just follow me over the rainbow…” in the misted path ahead I sensed an abyss. I scrambled up the remaining path and found myself on a ledge of wet mossy rocks. Grandfather was nowhere to be seen. I called to him, through the mist I heard the repeated message just follow me…. Still I hesitated, in the mist a rainbow of colours I called out… where are you? “just come I’m in the rainbow” I made motions to plunge into the unknown and surreal colours below me, …(as sometimes these journeys mean taking risks and showing ones courage) in that split second I heard Grandfather again, but I puzzled ” just follow me, but, don’t take a step.” what !  I thought how can I come and not take a step? I then shouted out I need to take a step to follow you. Again and again he repeated follow me I have a teaching for you and then his muffled voice warned, “but do not take a step”. I grew frantic, anxiety filled my throat. Suddenly! I was swept off the ledge by a surging water flow that was soaking the mossy rocks. I fell silently into the misted rainbow.

I will never forget Grandfathers’ teaching. He first chuckled then said “did you get the lesson”. I sighed deeply and with gratitude, yes  ….” just, allow the flow”.

“Walking with Grandfather” stories are true experiences and filled with personal meaning. It is my wish that you too feel the aha through my paintings and writings.

many blessing on your walk Jill

“Some people who engage in spiritual practice believe they will be protected from the challenges in life.
But life brings us situations to help us grow and evolve. spiritual
practices gives us the tools to deal with what life brings for us”

Sandra Ingerman

3 thoughts on “Walking with Grandfather

  1. A great teaching, and a good laugh on us with all our struggling. Thanks for sharing it, and thanks to Grandfather. Wishing you a lighter backpack,
    with love, Kirsty

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