Healing an art?

 Over the years I have been invited into healing circles. Some with my drum, some set with a specific meditation.
Tonight I joined a beautiful group that was lead with a healing meditation for the world, then the community, the family, then for oneself. The soft words and the energy of the space was so soothing that I quickly surrendered to another place. Relaxed, I had a tiny awareness that I should wiggle my toes as I was not sure I was still there! The power of sending healing thoughts around the world and to my loved ones was euphoric. I love the feeling of energy pouring in from the earth and the heavens, mixing with my internal light and then sending it forth with pure intention. I believe the healee and the healer have equal measure!  Yesterday I was in a drumming circle lead by a Native Shaman, he showed us how

the energy from our drums from the healing we had given was registering meters away! I do believe this awareness will become common place in our western world as technology brings global teachings from cultures that have known this for thousands of years. He explained how objects when handled still hold the energy of the handling. It is clear how important it is to touch with positive intention, even love not only sacred objects but everyday things. Just as we stroke a dog or cat the affection is given and we receive from our animal friends unconditional love in return. When I listen to music I love, while painting the energy of that good feeling is transferred to my brush. When I view the yummy colours coming from the tubes of paint I feel love and I just know all of this is transferred to my painting. I always feel safe while I work, like I am protected in a bubble of love. I love all the paintings I do!

Over the years I have been blessed with receiving many healings from gifted people. Their gift is an art. They have perfected the art of projecting energy with unconditional love and yet not being attached to the outcome. I believe anyone can learn this, and that we all once knew how to. How easy it is to become distracted in our media age. Negative programming is all about us. We can forget that we are energy and we give energy. With this simple awareness we could choose to surround ourselves with people, food and things that give us good energy. This helps us to remember and pay forward our own love and goodwill to ourselves and the world. One very special person Sandra Ingerman in her recent newsletter talks about “seeing” our inner light and allow it to brighten. Hold this thought and see the results in your life!

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