Colourful Gallery Changes

inside the gallerySol Essence News for the merry month of May

  1. We are what our deep, driving desire is.
    As our deep, driving desire is, so is our will.
    As our will is, so is our deed.
    As our deed is, so is our destiny.
  2. Upanishad translated by Eknath Easwaran

Our Gallery is celebrating over 20 years of exhibitions, talks, ceremonies, encounters, reunions and unfolding connections.

Through the last 2 decades my painting interpretations have been viewed by thousands of people from all over the world.

The visual feast of colour and composition has breached language barriers. I believe art can change the world! Without verbal language, our eyes take in the meanings personal to each. The expression “touch with your eyes” invites wide open embrace of all the subtle nuances of form. The lilt, passion, whimsy, humour, and love of the subject is felt at a visceral level. Often too difficult to put into words, it just is. Many times it is best without words. Just allow the senses to resonate. A knowingness develops, it is that deep personal connection that can illuminate a belief. Art is a wonderful way to “pay it forward”. Surrounding ourselves with our personal favourite paintings gives a reassurance a feel good that is then carried forward to ones whole more…..

Clients have shared their stories too! I treasure the early “greeting books” filled with comments. It is the caring people in the life of our Gallery that I value most of all. Twenty years of connections and today it is fun meeting the young adults who embrace me and tell of their first visits to the gallery as a young child!
My staff have equally been an inspiration. Often bringing in flowers from their gardens, sharing birthdays, and Christmases, and their personal lives. When I had both my Victoria and much larger Salt Spring Island Gallery, I remember counting 16 staff in a busy summer. I appreciated their patient commitment to

outside the gallery

showing my art and giving quality service.

My gallery has been home to amazing ceremonies, chanting, and drumming, and a regular meditation group. We have launched books for terrific authors, film and slide shows of travellers, workshops, and seasonal exhibitions. My gallery, has been my home away from home.

Colourful changes in the gallery this spring. New door and floor colours, beautiful wood panelled display walls and natural wood surfaces. Chester Ludlow our carpenter did a masterful job! Lauren Campbell painted the floor and laid gold and silver foil, simply stunning!

We invite you to come and visit this summer, and experience our fresh new look

Walking …..
the human foot is “a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”  Leonardo di Vinci

Walking barefoot. Yes I have begun a daily walk, 10 minutes or so barefoot on grass, and packed earth. It feels rejuvenating, empowering, healing, and energizing! It all started with a conversation with  Sue Kenney.  She told me about the merits of walking bare foot. I began in

February, snow on the ground, I gingerly touched the earth and then began a lively step around my property. By the time I got back in the house my feet were singing! I felt so alive! and amazingly my feet were warm. Now the lush grass cushions my feet as I savour the earthy spring.

I have been doing research and found out that 1/5th of our worlds population never wear shoes! That the best exercise is walking bare foot in grass. The inside temp of our shoes is about 106F and actually very moist with a breeding ground for..

Sir Edmond Hillary made his first conquest to Mount Everest most of his Sherpa guides walked barefoot even in the snow.  The Earthing movement says walking barefoot is foundational for vibrant health. As Earths ground energy has a powerful and positive influence on the body.

Next best to barefoot is leather sole. My “Walking Meditation” and “One Step at a Time” was painted to celebrate the pilgrims walking into Lhasa. I did love the yak skinned boots and brought back a pair for each of my daughters. The colours embroidered each represent an element. Yellow is the earth element. In “Camel Trek” I painted my foot in Maharajah finery, walking into the desert.

Up turned toe, leather sole the sound of the tabla and moan of the sadhu chant all resonate in my memory of an experience camping in the Tar Desert in Rajasthan, India.

Part 3 of my journey in the American South West

From Monument Valley we watched the weather and dared to travel to Zion National Park, in south Utah. Staying in the Park Lodge for 3 nights we experienced amazing culinary delights. Every dinner and breakfast that was included in our stay was a feast. That only rivalled the spectacular canyon walls and stunning emerald pools. Our weather in mid February was warm and brilliant sun, perfect for day hikes to view this wild beautiful country. The Park is about 560 square Km, about 24 km long and 800 meters deep. The warm reds are called Navajo sandstone, and was first inhabited by the Anasazi 8000 years ago.

Since 1909 it has been a national park, and we were thrilled to visit. Our last morning we awoke to a thick blanket of snow, nature gave us a supreme treat, a view of the canyon in winter splendour was breathtaking.

Time to return to Salt Spring Island. We drove the remote centre of Nevada. As flat as can be imagined, the clouds were our source of beauty. Hours of flat road we were very thankful for an audio book friends had loaned us.

And also very thankful we had gassed up full as not a fuel stop for hours! Oregon, and almost home. We again visited Powells Book store in Portland and Bob’s Red Mill for his special flours and grains.

Home February 21, a month to the day. It is sweet to be back to our little red farmhouse, Daffodil Springs Farm.

May, the garden grows

Deer fenced and lasagna layered, our garden has been prepared since the Fall.

Of the starters Lauren did many have taken off. It has been so satisfying watching the tiny beginnings peak through the rich soil. Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, parsley, cilantro, spinach, lettuces and many tea herbs. Asparagus, potatoes, carrots share space with peonies and roses.

The daffodils are clipped and in place a soft sea of blue camas lilies graces the hill by the beehives. The cherry trees in full splendour white petals float about with a spring breeze and add to the carpet of English daisies that

replaced the grass in many spots. Vases of tulips and forget me knots, the fragrant abundance of nature spills into our home.

New Paintings being released in June        click here to see paintings

My painting retreat time has been punctuated with walks, yoga, a sail past at RVYC, and visits with good friends.

In the month of May I will be in the gallery several days a week. Our preparation time is in earnest for the busy summer season. I have many new paintings ready for colour separation. They will be unveiled over the next month.

Blessings, and may a warm embrace of soft spring flowers grace your home.

warmest wishes……. Jill

P.S. enjoy this short clip a friend recently sent of portraits of women spanning 500 years

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