Painting a Walk

 “Walking a Talk”    a story painted……….

Life without vision is drudgery

Vision without action is an empty dream

Action guided by vision is joy…

and the hope of the earth.     adopted from an old English church saying

I found this saying 20 years ago, and kept it on my Studio wall. There have been times in my life when the wind was knocked out of me. When all I had thought was true, was shaken. Those times I walk. It was in this solitary time when the idea of walking our island in quiet, and peace from my scattered thoughts, that I set out

. My vision was to be totally present to each step. To be aware of my surroundings and sense the wonder of our forests, ocean, small lakes and pastoral farm land. I fell in love as I walked with the wildlife that sang. The sheep curious, staringas I passed and eagles soaring above. The texture of leaves in kaleidoscope of greens and soft lilt of the land rising and falling in gentle rolls breathing in and out. My momentum unchanged for kilometres I just was, present and awake.

The first thought I noticed was a strong urge to share this beauty in my painting.  A visual anthology of my journey began.

“An early morning walk is a blessing the whole day” Henry David Thoreau

My Eco justice stance

We can be inundated with so much negative news in the world. Today I have decided to limit my reading and discussion to focus on the beauty of our natural world and positive action to sustain it.

We recently attended a Wade Davis presentation. His eloquent researched style empassions a feeling of caring and commitment. I was brought to tears as he explained the majesty and peril of the sacred head waters in British Columbia,the birth place of 3 mighty rivers. This You Tube video from TED Talks is worth your view.

Part Two of our South West Journey

reconnecting to the sacred land of the American South West

Continuing on our South West escape from Santa Fe, New Mexico we travelled to Sedona, Arizona, the land of vortexes and energy lines. Many years ago Duart and I experienced a Medicine Wheel Ceremony by our Hopi Guide on a vortex in Sedona. As we walked to this sacred space, I could feel the hair on my arms raising. The gentle chanting and ritual of the the healing wheel deepened our love for this land and forever tied us to the red rocks of Sedona. This time we walked to Bell Rock. I understood further the impact of energy on our physical surroundings as I passed many juniper trees twisted in spiral form to the dance of the upward energy.

On to Monument Valley, Utah we stayed at Gouldings Lodge. Our second visit to this majestic valley and to this lodge, that was originally built to accommodate John Wayne and Hollywood film crew. This breathtaking landscape was often the set for these early movies.

With a dusting of snow the brilliant orange rock monuments reverberated as the sun set from our hotel room. The next day we took a private all day tour to more of the remote areas of this Navajo Land. Our guide Robert shared stories as we four wheeled on washed out roads and climbed rocky faces to see exquisite petroglyphs by the Anasazi. This ancient race of people vanished about 1300 AD without a trace. Their culture of rock art and rock cliff dwellings, some pottery shards are all that remain. Last June in the Gallery we hosted Dr Marilyn Walker, an Anthropologist and Shamanic Practitioner. She had given  a slide

presentation of some of these very petroglyphs.

We experienced a hogan, the sacred home of the Navajo. The beautiful wood woven walls and ceiling were warmed by a central fire. The exterior covered in mud, the door always faces east. The structure is eight sided.  Robert explained how warm and snug the hogan was in the coldest of temperatures. We could imagine the stories and teachings given in the old days as families grouped communally.

The Dine people, the name they call themselves, are a Matrilineal society. The women own the livestock and land. In their creation story they believe they emerged from a series of coloured worlds, and now live in the fourth world. They followed a pastoral life shepherding sheep.

Rich in ceremony, songs and chants are used in building their Hogan to planting crops. Their spiritual practise is about restoring balance to produce health. The Blessing Way ceremony sometimes done when one leaves the boundaries of the four sacred mountains, their home. It is also done for empowerment before giving birth and this ceremony focuses on the feminine rites- of- passage.

These warm peoples have a reverence to the land that speaks to me, I feel a kinship that is very old. Several years ago while with my guide in Tibet, she said the Tibetan people felt the closest to the Navajo people. Physical resemblances, spiritual traditions, culturally the sand mandalas, and creation myths all parallel these original cultures.

“I have been to the ends of the earth, I have been to the ends of the waters, I have been to the ends of the sky, I have been to the ends of the mountains, I have found none that are not my friends.” navajo saying

Lauren Campbell

Lauren Campbell our second Gallery artist, has been tending her bee’s between surfing and gardening our little farm. Her paintings enrich the Gallery with a special earth connection. In May issue you will see the results of her gardening love as we focus on our Gallery and personal connections we make with our special clients.


“May you always be blessed; with wall for the wind

a roof for the rain, a warm cup of tea by the fire,

laughter to cheer you, those you love near you

and all that your heart might desire.”  a Celtic Blessing

I have been asked to drum for a Blessing Ceremony for a friends new home. Feeling comfortable with my drum I use for healing journeys and with eager anticipation of invoking good will energy for the purpose of uplifting for my friend, I accepted gladly.

Blessings are given for conscious raising, as invisible spiritual energies are drawn in through this action. This can bring great healing results. Our home is a sacred place, it is our foundation our place for feeling nourished. “The home is where the heart is” it is the quality of our living space.

In my life I have moved a few times and seen the result of energy depletion. Many years ago I had, what I dearly call, my Fairy Godmothers over to help clear a home. With sage and special energy tools they went to work, to each corner they banished the negative vibrations. What was evident after was the clarity of the space, and then how easily I sold this home after I put it on the market. My beliefs strengthened. I began to rely on my feelings and work with clearing. Now I regularly cleanse my painting space with sage and kind words. I ask for my creative flow to come forth, for my truth to be revealed and that I surrender to a higher wisdom.

“When I counted my blessings my whole life turned around” Willy Nelson

Warmest wishes for your world to be blessed and grounded in the rich elementals of our beautiful and diverse world.    Jill

In the merry month of May, Sol Essence News features;

“The Gallery”  that show cases Jills paintings. Since 1991 the art of Jill Louise Campbell has been offered to an international audience. She shares her experiences in meeting many kind people from all over the world.

The final part 3 of The American South West journey takes you through spectacular Zion National Park.

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