November Full Moon

I have been nostalgic about Italy.

Fall, two years ago I was in an exhibition at The Museum Chianciamo in Tuscany. Duart and I spent 6 weeks in a small hamlet deep in the Tuscan hills.

I painted, and also took a 10 day retreat at Miragar with a Tibetan Master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.

We toured the countryside. A fond remembrance was attending a Gregorian Mass at Sant Antimo a tiny stone Abbey built in the 11th century

The acoustics were soulfully resonant. I felt transported to another realm. The whole visit to Italy this time had this quality of other world. We drove narrow back roads lost in a reverie of AHHH while listening to Ludovico Einaudi ( I highly recommend his Divinare CD! have a listen 

A mini excursion to The Cinque Terre brought us to the tourist reality. The five sea side towns were packed with wide eyed, Rick Steves travel books clutching tourists. We arrived in Varanasi without hotel reservations and almost had to spend the night on a bar room floor.  A very kind offer by a gregarious transplant from Sicily saved us with accommodation that even had Internet! Despite the crowds we did walk between the towns on cliff hugging paths offering up exhilarating views. A sea trip gave a backward glance that inspired my painting “Walking To The Moon”. The lost in thought atmosphere from our Tuscan home base permeated my vision. Perhaps it was the remembrance of walking 150 km of the French Camino in 2006. (See my paintings)

  In my remembrances of these inspiring travels, today I hung an “Italy Show”. A retrospect of paintings (Limited Editions) done from my Italian adventures. The show is at The Rock Salt Restaurant, in Fulford Harbour on Salt Spring Island. photos of the show will be posted on this website shortly.

My personal Gallery in Ganges houses many originals from my Italian Collection. Clients are welcome to visit and view. The Gallery is currently open Thursday to Saturday noon to 5p.m. or by appointment 250-537-1589.

My experience with Dzogchen Master, Chogyal Namkhai Norbu continues to deepen as well. I recently received a preview DVD to his documentary “My Reincarnation”. How blessed I am to have received his teachings at his first Gar in Merigar, Tuscany!

Snug in our little farm house with wood fire burning a deep comfort pervades. I am in correspondence with a friend that has walked The Camino many times, and my dreaming is stirring to join her next Spring on a 2 week pilgrimage to Santiago De Compostela. Fall is my favourite time, and dreaming is my favourite pass time.

“Full Moon in a November, Dreaming of what I remember Italy its sweet hills towns, secrets unfold as Dreams deepen, lulled in Divenire,
Surrender to music, open to imagination.
Awake, wide eyed in AWE
of the immense power of surrender while I dream and remember.”

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